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IEEE 1588V2 Edge Master Clock

Standalone Precision Time Protocol Edge Master Clock, integrated with GPS receiver module. Fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard.

Download Datasheet

For IEEE 1588v2 Grandmaster servers with SyncE and TDM (2 Mbps and 2 MHz) synchronization interfaces, also see our products PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010.

Check your network synchronization quality by Ptest 1G/10G sync analyzer and IP  tester.

Key features

  • Telecom Grandmaster Clock, fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 Standard
  • One- and Two-step clock
  • Best Master Clock algorithm support
  • PTP clock quality messaging
  • Delay request-response and peer delay mechanisms ( E2E, P2P )
  • Server precision: 20ns rms typical
  • Number of slaves: up to 200
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