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What to do with the network clock or synchronous services in an unusual situation

What to do with the network clock or synchronous services in an unusual situation

In many cases, most large telecommunication companies have their own synchronization system vendor. There are bigger shifts from time to time, but basically products and services function as long-term investments everywhere.

Unfortunately, the COVID period has in many cases brought with its unusual situations in this area as well. Today, it happens that a supplier is not able to perform certain on-site tasks at all or only to a limited extent. This makes improvements difficult, but the need for progress remains.

When the supplier’s margin of manoeuvre is limited through no fault of his own, it can also be a strange case that, for example, the service provider already has network clocks, but the commissioning has not yet taken place. In such cases, even though he has invested in expensive assets, it is unused in his warehouse. After all, special expertise, additional equipment and continuous support are required for installation and commissioning. Even a large company is not expected to solve a complex synchronous network task from its own resources.

At PolyNet, we are currently working to find suitable local partners in as many parts of the world as possible, trough whom we can make access to not only our products, but also for services. In addition, we maintain our online presence, with various video conferencing platforms and remote support solutions.

With regard to Hungary, the situation is particularly advantageous, as we can support the development of synchronous networks without crossing the border, with precise delivery and installation deadlines.

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