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Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

At PolyNet, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a secure and trusted network environment. Our Equipment Identity Register (EIR) solution offers advanced functionality and versatile features to help you protect your network from unauthorized and compromised devices while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. PolyNet’s EIR services are designed to meet the diverse needs of mobile network operators, MVNOs, and IoT service providers, offering scalable solutions that can adapt to evolving industry requirements and technological advancements. Experience the power of PolyNet’s EIR solutions and unlock new levels of security, compliance, and operational efficiency for your network infrastructure.

With PolyNet’s EIR you can

  • Detect and prevent the use of counterfeit, stolen, or unauthorized devices on your network, minimizing the risk of fraud and revenue loss
  • Safeguard your network infrastructure and sensitive data by ensuring that only authorized and legitimate devices are allowed access, reducing the threat of malicious attacks and unauthorized access attempts
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards by implementing effective device identification and validation measures, mitigating potential penalties and legal risks
  • Improve network performance and reliability by identifying and resolving issues related to unauthorized or improperly configured devices, ensuring optimal operation and resource utilization
  • Protect your subscribers from potential risks associated with compromised or unauthorized devices, enhancing their trust and loyalty to your network services

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Key features

  • Full handling of Check IMEI functionality
  • Supports black, white and grey lists for different service purposes
  • Periodic IMEI Database backup
  • Configurable triggering of alarms
  • Periodic reporting of transaction statistics
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple integration
  • Helps maintain network performance and prevent congestion
  • Requires minimal server room space
  • Customizable
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