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IEEE 1588-2008 Wander Analyzer – PW 1014D

The PW 1014D is a portable PTP-capable Wander Analyzer equipped with internal Rubidium atomic reference. The instrument is able to qualify the current quality level of network synchronization by displaying immediate measurement results, and saving them for later evaluation. The dual measuring core makes the PW1014D capable of long-lasting, parallel, on-the-field synchronization quality measurements on both TDM and packet-based network segments. The analyzer is fully compliant with IEEE 1588-2008 standards.

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For TDM, SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 PTP synchronization analyzer and IP tester, also see our hand-held Ptest 5G instrument.

This product is no longer available. Follow the link for our new synchronization analyzer Ptest 5G.

Previously purchased items are still supported. Contact us for further information.

Key features

  • Two full Wander Analyzers in one equipment
  • Two independent tests simultaneously
  • Time Interval Error (TIE) measurements on 2.048 MHz and 2.048 Mbit/s signals
  • Automatic signal format detection
  • 0.9 ns resolution, 10 ns…200 µs automatic screen range
  • Up to 100 sample/seconds sampling rate
  • Rubidium internal reference
  • Short and long last tests, up to 1 Million seconds
  • Rubidium internal reference with external reference facility
  • 4 hours battery powered operation with built in battery and automatic charger
  • Standalone WanderCalc software for RTIE, MTIE and TDEV calculations
  • IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) slave option
  • Measurements, calculations and limit curves are according to ITU-T recommendations and EN 300 462-x standard
  • Measurement data storing in the NV memory of the instrument
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