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Synchronization Analyzer – Ptest 5G

The Ptest 5G is a hand-held network synchronization analyzer for TDM and packet networks. They also work as Ethernet traffic generators and analyzers conceived to rate conformance and performance of native Ethernet networks or Ethernet services like Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) or Ethernet Private LANs (EPLANs).

Ptest 5G: A hybrid TDM and Ethernet synchronization analyzer with Ethernet / IP generator and analyzer capabilities operating at bit rates up to 10 Gb/s.

The Ptest 5G measuring instrument is suitable for testing in environments where packet switching has not totally replaced legacy circuit switching technology, like in some cellular networks. The analyzer is optimal for laboratory applications and field applications which require versatile and reliable operation.

The network synchronization analyzer is fully compliant with SyncE (Synchronous Ethernet) and PTP  IEEE 1588v2 standard.

Download Datasheet

For IEEE 1588v2 Grandmaster servers with SyncE and TDM (2 Mbps and 2 MHz) synchronization interfaces, also see our products PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010.

Key features

  • Built-in Rubidium or OCXO and GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO/QZSS clock (selectable)
  • PTP master/slave emulation
  • E1, T1, PTP and SyncE Wander measurements
  • 1PPS measurement
  • TE max |TE|, Constant and dynamic TE components
  • ESMC / SSM full support
  • Wander analysis /generation
  • Multistreams tests
  • MPLS support
  • MAC/IP/VLAN/Q-in-Q Scan
  • E1, T1, Jitter & Pulse mask
  • VNC, LAN or Wi.Fi control
  • C37.94 BER, Delay, Defects
  • One-way & round trip delay
  • Quality hold-over
  • All-in-one solution
  • No modules = no problems
  • 100% hardware included
  • Field tester extra rugged
  • Built-in batteries
  • GUI by touchscreen
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