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IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster Clocks – Product announcement – 01.07.2017

IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster Clocks – Product announcement – 01.07.2017

PolyNet further expands its network synchronization product portfolio in the IP and packet based technology space, with its new PTP, SyncE and TDM capable PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010 Grandmaster servers. The IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster Clocks enables the precise, high performance and maintenance-free frequency, phase and time-of-day synchronization solution for network operators.

PolyNet today announced the availability of its new PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster Clocks, that are fully compliant with IEEE1588-2008 (IEEE1588v2) standard and compatible with PolyNet PW1008HG Primary Reference Clock. The new PTP Grandmaster servers operate as  IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster Clocks over a packet based network connection and provides PTP, SyncE and TDM interfaces for frequency, phase and time references to telecommunications network elements such us RNC, NodeB, media gateways, routers and servers.

“The telecommunications network operators and service providers are challenged on many fronts to find a common frequency, phase and time reference solutions for their entire network to satisfy the growing consumer demands for time-sensitive services provided trough packet based network, ensuring optimal network performance and high quality services. The new PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010 Grandmasters meet all these requirements” – said Viktor Szigeti, Managing Director of PolyNet. The today announced PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1009 includes a full featured GPS receiver  and compatible with PolyNet’s PW1008 products resulting significant cost savings to the network operators.
The new PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010 Grandmaster servers support unicast, multicast and hybrid operation in both one-step and two-step modes. The employed high performance hardware time stamp engine is capable of serving up to 1,024 PTP Slaves with full packet rates.


PolyNet, as a developer and manufacturer of network synchronization systems provides precise time and frequency references, measuring instruments and professional services to the wire line and wireless operators worldwide to ensure the firm foundation of their optimal network operation.

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