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Micro GPS Clock – Product announcement – 20.05.2009

Micro GPS Clock – Product announcement – 20.05.2009

PolyNet expands its network synchronization portfolio into the 3G and WiMax technology space, supplementing its existing product offering. The new GPS-based network clock products enable a precise, cost-efficient and maintenance-free synchronization solution for 2G/3G and WiMax network operators.

By expanding the portfolio with the new low-profile GPS Clocks PolyNet provides a comprehensive set of synchronization equipment for mobile operators that are migrating to 3G, running or implementing WiMax technology or upgrading to NGN.

“The new GPS network clocks are well-suited for addressing the operators’ needs for a low-cost local time reference for their base stations that simplifies the network synchronization plan by making the timing signal distribution over the IP back haul unnecessary” – said Zoltan Zorkoczy, Managing Director and Founder of PolyNet.

The recently announced Micro GPS Clock produces PRC quality frequency reference signal and is available in 3 versions to better fit the actual timing needs and operation environment. The compact and lightweight construction allows easy and quick installation, while the low power consumption and maintenance-free operation make it an ideal solution to supply the remote base stations with precise timing signal.


PolyNet, as a developer and manufacturer of network synchronization systems provides precise time and frequency references, measuring instruments and professional services to the wire line and wireless operators worldwide to ensure the firm foundation of their optimal network operation.

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