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New PTP Grandmasters for 5G networks

New PTP Grandmasters for 5G networks

In addition to our existing IEEE 1588v2 PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010 PTP Grandmaster servers, we have created a new version.

Our PTPGM clocks (Precision Time Protocol Grandmaster server) have unbalanced TDM interfaces in existing versions, however, we encountered demands that sought a balanced interface design.

Although the interfaces of existing clocks that are already in use can be converted to balanced one with the help of balun transformers, it seemed a more convenient, and practical solution to create a new one, which is why we developed this version.

How is the new PTP Grandmaster server with a balanced interface different from its predecessors?

The design of the modified clocks has become more technologically advanced, in addition to the balanced TDM interfaces, other upgrades have been included in the current version. In this type we can already use multiband GNSS receivers, the input interfaces also change. The new multiband GNSS solution is capable of producing more accurate time data and provides a high degree of protection against intentional and unintentional interference. New is the TOD (Time of Day) input on the new version. Through this interface, we can communicate time data and quality parameters to the clock, and the clock can also synchronize to this interface in case of any GNSS problems. The solution allows you to connect multiple clocks within a station if needed. Thus, the clocks can back up each other, the redundancy that can be created significantly improves the availability parameters.

The internal control software of the new equipment release has also been updated and expanded with functions to better support the stringent 5G network requirements. The scope and functionality have not changed fundamentally, however, with the current improvements it has become easier to use, additional security features have appeared. All of these upgrades will also be traced back to our previous two products (PTPGM1009 and PTPGM1010) in the near future.

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