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Stratum 1 NTP Server – Product announcement – 11.03.2010

Stratum 1 NTP Server – Product announcement – 11.03.2010

PolyNet expands its network synchronization portfolio into the IP and packet based technology space, supplementing its existing product offering. The new GPS-based Stratum 1 Network Time Protocol Server enables a precise, high performance and maintenance-free time synchronization solution for network operators.

The telecommunications network operators and service providers are challenged on many fronts to find a common time reference solutions for their entire network to satisfy the growing consumer demands for time-sensitive services provided trough IP, ensuring the QoS, monitoring the SLA, and generating accurate billing records for their subscribers and the interconnect/roaming partners. In addition to this, the corporate business processes are also demanding the unified time base for the internal work flows, like alarm generation, handling of trouble tickets and event recording by timestamps. “These challenges have significant implications on both the services and operation, so a carrier-class timing solution becomes a necessity in maintaining subscriber’s quality of experience. The new NTP 1003 Time Server meets all these requirements.” said Zoltan Zorkoczy, Managing Director and Founder of PolyNet. The recently announced NTP Server produces Stratum 1 quality time reference and offers good holdover capability. The compact and robust construction allows easy and quick installation, while the maintenance-free operation make it an ideal solution for telecoms and cable TV operators, as well as IPTV and internet service providers.


PolyNet, as a developer and manufacturer of network synchronization systems provides precise time and frequency references, measuring instruments and professional services to the wire line and wireless operators worldwide to ensure the firm foundation of their optimal network operation.

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